storm-pkg (Re: status of the CD)

Subject: storm-pkg (Re: status of the CD)
From: Peter Ganten (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 00:42:49 CEST

Alexander Reelsen writes:
> If we do present the other package tools at our booth, should we have them
> on that CD as well? Or at least a need, which says where you're able to
> obtain them?

I don`t like the idea of including stormpkg on our CD, because

a) we are planing to make a _debian_ CD, so we should concentrate on
   debian-tools, which are part of the official distribution.

b) There is no upgrade path. If a user installs stormpkg from our CD,
   he has to include the stormix-site in his sources.list, because
   otherwise it can be removed by apt during a dist-upgrade, which is
   bad, if the user uses this tool as his main installation-tool.
   On the other side, if we include the stormix site, the user might
   be faced with unsolvable dependency-problems or conflicts in the

console-apt, which is in the list now, is also problematic, but this
is a debian-tool and there is a high likelihood, that it will be
included in future releases of debian. But in case of doubt, I would
even exclude console-apt.

Note that this is not meant as an objection against stormix.



Peter Ganten

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