status of the CD

Subject: status of the CD
From: Peter Ganten (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 12:13:09 CEST

Since there are only a fews days left, until the final image for our
LinuxTag CD will be mastered, I am now putting things
together. The following is a list of the components I am using to make
the CDROM. It would be nice, if you could carefully check it and tell
me, if there is anything wrong or if I have forgotten
something. Please remember: The last day to get changes into the CDROM
will be tomorrow.

- boot-floppies CVS: 31.5.2000, 21:46
- patch for de.po
- new messages for root- and bootdisk
- patch for dbootstrap/extract_base.c inittab.install
  (call base-config with LANG set)
- patch für dbootstrap/extract_kernel.c
   (problem with /lib/modules symbolic link)
- official kernel 2.2.15
- paket-list from Roland
  ( ),
  31.5.2000, 21:46
  with the following changes
  - use netscape 4.73 and not 4.72
  - added pcmcia-modules
  - added debconf-tiny
- task-packages from Othmar ( task-linuxtag-0.3-1 ) as of 30.5.2000
  - changes: task-linuxtag-desktop: update netscape | communicator to 473,
    fixed hyperlatex dependency problem (included xemacs21)
- base-config with a patch from myself (problem with national
  languages in list selection boxes) and a patch
  from Torsten to call tasksel with the -p option (see below)
  - this package is only included in the boot-floppies yet
- apt-package from Roland (includes a /etc/apt/sources.list with
  examples how to obtain KDE and Helix-GNOME) from
   - this package is only included in the boot-floppies yet
- tasksel-package 1.09 (CVS vom 31.5.2000 23.00) with changes from
  Thorsten (added -p option to tasksel, to show
  packages which names match a pattern first)
  - this package is only included in the boot-floppies yet
- xviddetect 0.3-2 with a patch to mkdir /etc/X11 if it does not exist
  (otherwhise the configuration can't be written, see BTS)
- winstart from Eduard with update from applied,
  a introducational FAQ from and some
  customization to show the FAQ, the german installation manual and
  to call the right programs
- console-apt from woody
- netscape packages from Marcello



Peter Ganten

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