Re: paketliste

Subject: Re: paketliste
From: Peter Ganten (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 13:26:39 CEST

Othmar Pasteka writes:
> b) we NEED the official task-packages because my depend on them,
> why should i do some unnecessary work? :)


> anyway, torsten patched
> tasksel in this way that you can pass a prefix to tasksel and it
> will select those task packages which have the given prefix, like
> displaying just task-linuxtag* which would be fine in our case.
> it will go upstream if i understood tausq correctly but he will
> return today or tomorrow to integrate it upstream.
I am not sure, if we really want to exclude the official task-packages
from the users view. Everybody should understand, that
"linuxtag-desktop" has something to do with the LinuxTag-CDROM, but
still some people might just want to install task-gnome-desktop.

Anyway, if we decide to exclude the official tasks, I need the patched
version of tasksel ASAP to integrate and test it on the CDROM. Also a
patch to base-config will be required to execute tasksel with the
right option, maybe Torsten has this allready available?

> would it be bad to enable deb-src by default?

The point is, that this would require a network connection for the
installation, since the sources are not on the CDROM. I guess, we
don't want this requirement.



Peter Ganten

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