Final images

Subject: Final images
From: Frank Neumann (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 18:02:45 CEST

Hi all,
these are the mostly-final images for our CD; if I do not get any serious
complaints, this is what I will send off to the graphic studio in about
two hours:

The unavoidable comments:
- Though something like "Based on potato" instead of just "potato" would be
  nice, I left it as it was; in german saying "Basiert auf potato" would
  be IMHO incorrect ("Basierend auf" would be better, which is too long).
  Anyway people should be able to tell from the "Sonderausgabe" that this
  is not the real thing,

- I replaced the quotation marks around "potato" with the (I hope I spell
  this correctly) Guillemot brackets ( ). I think this looks better.

- The installation instructions on the label are now pretty much what Eduard
  suggested, with the "boot" fix. Please make sure that what you put on the
  CD is really what the info refers to.

- The Lehmanns logo looks a bit dark on the label, but it is really somewhat
  poorly designed (bad in b/w printout). Let's just hope it comes out in
  good shape on the actual CD.


PS: Ah, NOW, after some dozens of Gimp 1.1.22 crashes, 1.1.23 is out :-}

PPS: My boss didn't quite like my using the "company time" for this private
project - so next time (if that happens) I'll either need more time or won't
be able to do it again.

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