Re: CD label, first draft

Subject: Re: CD label, first draft
From: Peter Ganten (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 16:23:41 CEST

Eduard Bloch writes:
> Changed Version (shorted, used DOS' path-syntax, used winuser-terms):
> "Start der Installation: Sie können den PC von dieser CD booten,
> die Installation von DOS aus starten (-> Ins Verzeichniss \install
> wechseln, "install" aufrufen) oder Disketten erzeugen und den PC damit
> starten. Unter Windows gibt das Autostart-Programm weitere Hinweise.
> Deutschsprachige Dokumentation finden Sie im Verzeichnis
> \install\doc\de\. Systemvoraussetzungen: 12MB RAM und mindestens 100MB
> freier Festplattenplatz in einer eigenen Partition oder
> unpartitioniert.

If there is enough plase, this would be a nice version. BUT: It is
"boot" (in the directory \install). I had it wrong in the first

> I called it start.exe, located in \install\winstart. The binary can be
> moved to another location, in this case the INI files must be in the
> same directory and the \autorun.inf file must be adapted. We may put in
> into \, so people that disabled autorun-function on their systems could
> find easily and run it manually.

Isn`t it enough to hust click on the CD-Icon, even if the
autorun-function is disabled?



Peter Ganten

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