CD (status)

Subject: CD (status)
From: Roland Bauerschmidt (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 16:25:14 CEST


I just summarize what still has to be done for the CD.

. We need the Readme document for the CD, that explains which ways are
  there to install and whom to ask if there are any problems
  (debian-user-de). This document _must_ contain the note that if
  somebody needs the excat source of this CD he can get if from Joey.
  Who wants to do this?

. Peter made the first CD using my package list on the weekend. I just
  tried it and it works already quite good except some small typos and
  a problem with base-config. But I hope this will be fixed soon.

  Peter and I will master the CD together, probably on the weekend. We
  need modified packages until Thusday. Marcello?

  On Sunday (or perhaps earlier) you'll be able to download the image
  from We'll inform you if
  it is availible. If it is somehow possible for you, please try to
  download the image and check it out. We'll have still about 2 days
  left of making new images and fixing /important/ problems.

. Deadline for translated documentation is Friday.

Greetings, Roland

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