Re: CD label, first draft

Subject: Re: CD label, first draft
From: Martin Schulze (joey)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 20:31:25 CEST

Frank Neumann wrote:
> Hi every1,
> the first draft of the _label_ of our CD is now at
> Please review and comment.

Sieht gut aus, aber:

 . CD-Boot oder Windows starten finde ich krass! Was ist mit Bootdisks?
   Ich glaube kaum, dass wir eher Windows-Publikum als Leute ansprechen,
   die zwar nicht von CD booten koennen, wohl aber von Diskette und sich
   eine Bootdisk erstellen koennen.

 . Kannst Du eine komplette URL oder nur einen Hostnamen nehmen? Also
   "" oder "". Danke.

> My comments:
> - The label is going to be printed in 2 colors; but I sticked to "mono"
> with this one for now. Background is white with plain black on top of it.
> We might want to use a different color from black to make it slightly
> more appealing - like maybe the same blue the was used for the cover.

Did you use xfig or gimp now?

> - There is no "LinuxTag" logo on the label because ID-PRO asked for this:
> This way they can reuse left-over CDs for other purposes which are not
> connected to the LinuxTag.

No problem so far.

> - I'm not sure if we need a copyright notice on the CD - if so, what should
> it be?

I don't think there is an urgent need for it.

> - Also, I'm not sure if we should (or are allowed) to put a
> "Compact Disc/DataStorage" logo on the CD. If we should do this, where
> is a .eps or high-res version of such a logo?

Why should we need this? People who are able to read will be able
to consider that this is a data cd. Still you can put it into a
regular cd player but won't be able to listen to anything.



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