CD-Cover, zweiter Entwurf

Subject: CD-Cover, zweiter Entwurf
From: Frank Neumann (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 18:17:31 CEST

(in english this time!)

a second hopefully-not-too-draft version of the CD cover image is at Please check it out and send

My comments for your information:
- The term "Debian GNU/Linux" is IMHO too plain long to fit on the cover
  and is too hard to remember; besides, even doesn't
  currently use this term on its front page.
  Even if "Debian GNU/Linux" might be the politically correct term, it
  would be good if we could just call it "Debian" - a short, snappy, easy
  to learn term just like "RedHat", "Suse" or "Mandrake". I still have to
  meet people who call our distribution "Debian GNU/Linux" when I talk to them.

- The LinuxTag logo in the upper left corner is in black because the
  requirement from LinuxTag e.V. was that we are either able to reproduce the
  exact HKS color tone they used for producing it, or use black. As Gimp
  doesn't yet give me any tools to adjust colors correctly or work in CMYK
  color space, I took black.

- The mentioning of ID-PRO as the sponsor is, I believe, fair.

- Putting the codename "potato" into the name was required because we
  cannot yet call it 2.2 - 2.2 isn't out yet. This might seem a bit awkward,
  but if people start asking about this at the fair, the booth personal has
  a chance to explain to them the naming scheme of Debian. :-)

- The color bar underneath the URL line is probably overkill - I only put
  it there because without that bar the grey text in the background and
  the URL text interfere a bit. Better suggestions welcome.

- I was able to make some color print-outs of this logo for myself at our
  company; and from what I got, I think I can say that the final printed
  version will probably be slightly darker and have more contrast than what
  you see on the screen (of course this also depends on your monitor and
  the RGB->CMYK conversion step at the graphic studio - I hope they do a
  good job there!). Still, by now I'm quite happy with what we have.

That's all for now - and please hurry with your comments; I was called by the
graphic studio on Thursday, and they require the logo by _Monday_ because the
whole package (CD image, logo designs etc) has to be given to the
mastering/printing company by June 5th.

Still no draft for the CD _label_ - hopefully I'll have something by Sunday.


PS: The current Gimp 1.1.22 is pretty unstable when it comes to copying/pasting
of layers. Beware! :-\

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