Re: removed packages

Subject: Re: removed packages
From: Marcelo E. Magallon (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 13:20:14 CEST

>> Stefan Gybas <> writes:

> > I've removed the following non-free packages
> > [jdk]
> I think we can distribute them, because Stephen Zander (the JDK1.1
> package maintainer) has signed a special license agreement with
> Sun, see

the way I read the agreement, no, it's not possible.

 | However, the
 | JDK Version 1.1.x Internal Noncommercial Use Source License1 of 4
 | Nov 10, 1998
 | which I have signed states, in part
 | 1.2 Sun grants to Licensee the royalty-free right to distribute
 | binary code developed and compiled from the Licensed Software in
 | accordance with Subsection 1.1 above ("Derived Binaries"), provided
 | that: (i) Derived Binaries are not integrated, bundled, combined or
 | associated in any way with a product,

IANAL, but "integrated" and "bundled" alone prevent them from being on
CD labeled "whatever Debian GNU/Linux". The CD is a *Debian* CD, not
a bloody Sun JDK CD. It's possible to distribute the .deb's online,
but I wouldn't be willing to bet money on anything beyond that...


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