boot-floppies for the LinuxTag CD

Subject: boot-floppies for the LinuxTag CD
From: Peter Ganten (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 16:31:09 CEST


I have just finished the first german installation and will now go to
the university to put the boot-floppies on a ftp-server there. Expect
them to show up in two hours on:

However, some things are a little bit messy, since there were some
glitches, that needed fixes to make everything work. These are the

- bootfloppies:
  - CVS as of today, with the following patches:
  - A patch to set LANG correctly, when dpkg-reconfigure is invoked
    from init (proposed patch send to debian-boot)
  - Another patch, to prevent a looping symlink, if the user installs
    kernel and modules twice (proposed patch send to Adam di Carlo)
  - updated german translation of de.po and the message files for the
    rescue and root disk (which debian developer would like to review
    and commit them?)

If we do not encounter big problems with these bf, I would like to
freeze my CVS tree now to avoid future problems with the official CVS
tree, any comments? BTW, the kernel used is 2.2.15pre19 (is this
fine?) Well, there is one more problem, I am aware of, which passes a
stupid HTTP_PROXY value to base-config. This problem seems to be
known and if I will find time and nobody else fixes it, I will have a

- base-config:
  - CVS-Version as of yesterday (contains german translation, which
    are not yet in the main tree)
  - A patch, which will make the german translation work in a special
    case. Joey Hess told me, that he is aware of the problem, and has
    done a more complex fix, which will not go into potato)
  - A patch, which will make anXious work, when executed from
    /var/lib/dpkg/info/base-config.postinst (I have notified, joeyh
    of this problem and patch, but have no response yet).

Like with boot-floppies, I would not like to upgrade this packages, if
there are no serious problems, which we can't fix ourself.

- xviddetect:
  - official potato version with a patch against a problem, which
    prevented anXious from working correctly, if the directory
    /etc/X11 was not existing (this is the case, when anXious is
    executed from base-config.postinst). A bug report has been send
    regarding this issue.

- I did also include lilo-21.4.3-2, because the were different
  postings on the mailing-lists, that it fixes several problems.
- The other packages in base2_2.tgz are from the current potato-tree.

Who is going to master the CDROM-images? We should include our
versions of at least boot-floppies, base-config, lilo and xviddetect
there (xviddetect is not that important), otherwise they might get
overwritten during the installation of packages.

It would be nice, if some people could test the uploaded boot-floppies!

Greetings, Peter

Peter Ganten

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