status of german boot-floppies

Subject: status of german boot-floppies
From: Peter Ganten (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 13:56:20 CEST

just to let you know, how the german boot-floppies are doing:

- I have finished (and tested) the translation of de.po, it seems to
  work fine (at least for i386).
- the message-texts for the rescue- and root-floppy are translated
- de.po will set LANG to de_DE, since this is needed to use the
  german versions of modconf and base-config, during the
  installation. If we do not like to pre-set that variable, we would
  have to remove it later.
- Currently, I am using the CVS-versions of base-config and tasksel,
  because they provide translations, which are not in the official

So, the installation-procedure will be:

- Put the CDROM in the drive.
- After hitting <return> a german version of dbootstrap will be
- cfdisk is not translated (There are problems with the key-bindings
  in the translated version)
- modconf comes up in german
- After reboot base-config comes up in german
- If a x-server is selected during the task-selection, anXious will be
  started by base-config, which is not translated.

Any comments?

Greetings, Peter

Peter Ganten

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