"linuxtag"-cleanup package

Subject: "linuxtag"-cleanup package
From: Roland Bauerschmidt (roland@copyleft.de)
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 17:33:48 CEST


I just phoned with Joerg Gerbracht from ID-PRO who told me that they
would like to Netscape in the standard selection with a preconfigured
start page that explains what Debian and what ID-PRO is and has a
hyperlink to the corresponding websites.

There would be two solutions:

 . rebuild the package with a .netscape directory in /etc/skel - I don't
   think this is a good solution.
 . make a cleanup package "linuxtag" or something like that that drops a
   .netscape directory in /home/* in postinst. We could do other stuff
   here, too, like adding KDE commented to sources.list or configuring
   the gdm logo. Also this would be less work.

I prefer the second solution. Any comments or volunteers for this


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