Debian and the Linuxtag 2000

Subject: Debian and the Linuxtag 2000
From: Alexander Reelsen (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 22:31:22 CEST


First, the Linuxtag[1] is one of the biggest linux events in europe, held
this year in Stuttgart, Germany. It is dated from 29 June to the 2nd of
July. It deals with all aspects of GNU/Linux and is directed to everyone,
regardless if newbie or experienced administrator. There will be
commercial exhibitors such as IBM, HP, suse, Corel and many more, as well
as a Free Software Pavillon, where free software projects like WINE, parsec,
povray, roxen, gimp, blender, berlin, freebsd and, of course ;), Debian,
will be.
Speakers will be Richard Stallman, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, Miguel de Icaza,
Alan Cox, Rasterman and many more.

Right now, Othmar Pasteka ( and me are doing the booth
coordination for the Debian booth. Here some facts about the linuxtag and
- ID-PRO sponsors about 10000 cd's, which will be handed out at the LT2k
- Currently a small team works on a working potato CD [2] with special
  task[3] packages, just for this CD.
- Label and case for the CD are created at the moment (no URL available)
- We try to show a running debian on as many platforms as possible, right
  now there are three != i386. So if anyone has some nice hardware lying
  around, which isn't needed during the LT2k and has a more-or-less
  working debian on it, feel free to mail me that you will bring it with
  you. :)
- A list of people at the booth and other information about the booth
  (we will have 18 square meters, what is pretty much compared to last
  year's booth), can be obtained here [4].
- We have not decided yet, what kind of software will be run on the
  machines. Something like blender often acts magnetic on the visitors. I
  am open for suggestions here...
- Some flyers need to be created and printed. I don't know what's up with
  this issue, need to clear that one up.

If you also want to help, just drop Othmar or me a note, along with your
If you want to sponsor (it would be perfect if we had TFT displays instead
of monitors, that would save some space), mail me as well.

If any unanswered questions should have occured, mail me or Othmar.


MfG/Regards, Alexander

P.S. I am currently not subscribed to debian-user, please Cc me, when
mailing publically.

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