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Subject: Re: Linuxtag 2000 booth participation
From: Alexander Reelsen (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 18:31:54 CEST


On Thu, May 11, 2000 at 03:16:41PM +0200, Frank Neumann wrote:
> I don't know if we have any up-to-date pages of people already enlisted
> for this event, but in case I'm not in there yet: I'm offering to help
> in manning the booth for the first 3 days (June 29 - July 1st). My company
> is so kind to let me stay the first 2 days as a "business trip" (don't let
> that confuse you - I have no obligations whatsoever), and I'll add the third
> days myself. Add me to the list if you're interested. I have been at the last
> LinuxTag in Kaiserslautern, and enjoyed it pretty much.
I will setup a site with listed volunteers this evening or this weekend.

URL will be:

> As I did never get any requests for taking my old hardware (Amiga 3000 and
> Sparcstation 1+) with me, I guess people are not interested in it anymore?
> Otherwise, I can always install something like potato on one or both of them.
Of course we will try to show a wide variety of hardware platforms, where
Debian works on. So, if you don't mind, bring them with you.

We do have a booth sized 6m x 3x, what is pretty big compared to the last
year's one, so we are planning to put as many platforms as possible at the
booth. I will put a hardware platform section on the website as well and
list your hardware there.

> The only thing I'm (naturally) interested in is to know if any plans are
> already being made about accomodations - like youth hostel, hotel, gymn hall
> or whatever.
Naturally interested in sleep? Strange. ;-)
Anyway, Joey wrote that there are accomodations for people of the Free
Software Pavillon where we will be in, so don't mind. It will be some kind
of gym.

As a additional note, I will be at the "Braunschweiger Linuxtage" from
tomorrow on over the weekend at the Debian booth there as well.
If you aren't busy this weekend and live near Braunschweig don't mind to
appear there. And if you really show up, don't forget GPG keys for signing.

URL for information is:

MfG/Regards, Alexander

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