Re: Linuxtag

Subject: Re: Linuxtag
From: Martin Schulze (joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 02:28:08 CEST

Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> > I think he meant that debian will have it' own booth and so debian does
> > not need to be present at other boothes.
> in the end: how many volunters are there, and what do they want to do ?
> of course there is a big croud of people forming a massive debian both.
> but a croud of people is a nice meeting place for debian developers and
> friends, but its not a good representative for the outside.

Enough to fill three to five booth with more than enough staff,
at least that's my expection.

I'm - at least - quite happy we can staff more than this single booth
with people and help. This demonstrates quality since our "partners"
must have had a reason to chose Debian and not something else. On the
other side, these "partners" get competent people which is a win for
them as well.

> with the results of last year, i realy would like some sort of a
> "hackcenter" for everyone, and it could have a bigger debian population.
> that would be the place for debian developers to meet, hang out and party.

That's not possible due to the official character of the Messe Stuttgart



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