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Subject: Re: Linuxtag
From: Andreas Jellinghaus (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 23:55:09 CEST

> I think he meant that debian will have it' own booth and so debian does
> not need to be present at other boothes.

in the end: how many volunters are there, and what do they want to do ?

of course there is a big croud of people forming a massive debian both.
but a croud of people is a nice meeting place for debian developers and
friends, but its not a good representative for the outside.

and for company booths, they might not be soo happy with even a small
croud of people standing around their both (usualy designed for good

IMO not every good debian coder makes a good marketing representative.
or at least it's kind a difference of being the debian representative at
some companies both than being on of the people in the big debian party
called debian both.

so, offers of companies are great, but we need to know who is willing to
be such a debian representative at some companies marketing both. and
if we have more offers than people willing to help, then we cannot accept
all offers.

> Well, I think on the one hand it would be nice to have one booth where
> everybody can talk with each other. But on the other hand, we would
> have an overfilled booth where the visitors don't see debian and also
> to many developers will be talking with each other then presenting
> debian.

one "debian party both" and one representative debian both ?

with the results of last year, i realy would like some sort of a
"hackcenter" for everyone, and it could have a bigger debian population.
that would be the place for debian developers to meet, hang out and party.

and then some more representative both, were everyone can come, ask, and
gets informed. more like the usual company marketing both.

and if we still have manpower, and people want to do that, then we can
staff partner companies both. it's a great offer of the companies, but
it's not top priority to accept it. cebit and systems showed that might
not have manpower for that.

regards, andreas
(*) hackcenter is the term used at the chaos communication congress

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