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Subject: Re: Linuxtag
From: Christian Kurz (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 13:40:30 CEST

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On 00-03-30 Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> maybe we should start thinking:
> - what to do with the debian both

Well, organize it? :)

> - what not to do (don´t fill it with 30 debian developers, so nobody else
> can take a look what debian is)

Absolutely and that's why I think we should take the chance and put some
debian machines and developers at other booths too.

> - what hardware to show, etc.

Hm, not only i386 would be good.

> so, some debian machines at other booths might not be bad.
> show that companies are working with debian, that it´s a very important
> project, not only some hack done by a few geeks.

Agreed and especially if in those companies one employer is a
debian-developers. ;)

> some "we support debian" banner (or whatever text) at every both of someone
> supporting debian would also be nice.

Who could print and create them?


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